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Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Client Relationship Management (CRM) requires a combination of skills, knowledge, and training to effectively build and maintain strong relationships with customers.

Sales Training

Sales training is an essential investment for businesses, empowering sales teams with the skills and strategies needed to drive revenue growth and build lasting customer relationships.

Project Management

Project management is the disciplined practice of planning, organizing, and executing tasks and resources to achieve specific goals within a defined scope, budget, and timeframe.

Time Management

Time management is the art of efficiently organizing and prioritizing one's tasks and activities to maximize productivity and achieve desired goals.

Managing Engagement

Including Effective Listening and Interaction fa-2x

Managing engagement involves fostering effective listening and interaction to create a collaborative and participative environment.

Operations and Process Knowledge

Operations and Process Knowledge refers to the understanding and expertise in the systems, procedures, and methods necessary for efficient and effective business operations.

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Product/Service Expertise

A hands-on educational approach integrating real-world experiences to develop practical skills and deepen understanding.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the process of formulating and implementing a long-term vision to achieve organizational goals efficiently and effectively.


Organization is the key to efficiency, ensuring tasks are prioritized, resources are managed effectively, and goals are achieved.

Reasearch/Data Collection

Research/data collection involves gathering and analyzing information to gain insights and support decision-making.

Workflow Management

Workflow management involves organizing and optimizing the sequence of tasks within a process to improve efficiency and productivity.

Developing a scope/solution

Crafting a comprehensive scope and solution requires meticulous analysis, strategic planning, and innovative thinking to address complex challenges effectively.

Industry Knowledge

Industry knowledge is crucial for professionals to stay informed, adapt to changing trends, and make informed decisions in their respective fields.

Operations and Process Skills

Operations and process knowledge refers to understanding the intricacies and methods involved in executing tasks and managing workflows efficiently.


EHCOnomics Performance-Based Learning empowers your team to receive training precisely where and when it is needed, allowing them to address their weaknesses and improve their performance in a focused and efficient manner. By aligning training efforts with individual needs, you can drive better engagement, increase productivity, and achieve the performance expectations set by your company.

Person Leaning Against Sandtimer Looking at this from the perspective of a marriage performance, you can evaluate whether the performance is that of a great partner, a good partner, or a bad partner. By analyzing the engagement trends and identifying areas of improvement, you can strive to become a great partner to your customers by consistently delivering on their expectations and addressing their concerns throughout the entire engagement process. One of the key benefits of EHCOnomics is its ability to identify workflow disruptions that may hinder customer engagement. By understanding the root causes of the customer's concerns and addressing them effectively, you can enhance the overall engagement experience and strengthen the customer relationship.
Person Leaning Against Sandtimer The transparent and simple approach of EHCOnomics allows you to identify the points of engagement where your performance team commonly loses connection with the customer. The green points represent successful touchpoints, indicating effective engagement, while the red points represent missed or failed touchpoints, highlighting areas where engagement fell short, or tasks were not completed as promised.

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