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At EHCOnomics, our journey began with a father's dream and passion, which has now become the legacy carried forward by his son and best student. We envision a world where salespeople match products to buyers' needs, aiming to fulfill the fundamental expectation of buyers, which we call "The Promise." Our simple business logic is centered around fulfilling what we promise, precisely when we promise it. The story of EHCOnomics started in 2007 when Edward Henry, one of our founding license partners and creator of the first professional sales diploma program approved by the Ministry of Training and Universities, identified a trend of hidden sales waste in organizations due to technological advancements and diminishing engagement in B2B and industry solutions. Edward developed Hard Target Selling and Sales Control Plan Management, which eventually evolved into our powerful ED Tech Revenue Enablement solution known as EHCOnomics.

In 2020, Edward Henry recognized a major flaw in the traditional sales process and, with the help of Robina Brah, our Vice President and partner, reimagined the approach by creating the repeatable 5 & 5 processes. Robina's expertise in Forensic Psychology was instrumental in breaking down the seller and buyer relationship into actionable and adaptable information for effective training. At EHCOnomics, we operate in two key areas: 1. Revenue sciences: We focus on understanding the seller and buyer relationship through social sciences and our repeatable 5 & 5 frameworks. 2. Revenue technologies: We offer our ED TECH platform, PartnerPulse, which integrates CRM (Contact Relationship Management) and LMS (Learning Management System) for performance-based learning and content distribution. While the revenue sciences were our initial focus, the introduction of Mackenzie Henry, a fourth-year BComm student from Ontario Tech University and President of EHCOnomics Inc., helped bridge the gap between CRM performance and LMS content distribution.

Together, father and son worked on identifying bottlenecks and reducing the number of opportunities that go cold, utilizing the EHCOnomics 5 Rules of Engagement and 5 Steps to Partnership. This partnership between father and son exemplifies the power of following a precise partnership model, akin to a working marriage, in selling products and services. Our approach aligns vertical and horizontal engagement, providing organizations with the revenue tools and resources needed to reduce sales waste, enhance transparency, and determine the true probability of revenue success. At EHCOnomics, we strive to revolutionize sales and revenue enablement through a unique blend of social sciences and cutting-edge technologies, delivering tangible results for our clients.

What Defines Us



[ prom-is ]

to tell somebody that you will definitely do or not do something, or that something will definitely happen

  • They arrived at 7.30 as they had promised.
  • promise to do something The college principal promised to look into the matter.
  • promise something The government has promised a full investigation into the disaster.
  • I can definitely promise you that I'll do all I can to help.


[ en-geyj-muhnt ]

an arrangement to do something at a particular time, especially something official or something connected with your job

  • an engagement book/diary
  • He has a number of social engagements next week.
  • It was her first official engagement.
  • I had to refuse because of a prior engagement.


[ pahrt-ner-ship ]

a relationship between two people, organizations, etc.; the state of having this relationship

  • Marriage should be an equal partnership.
  • partnership with somebody/something the school’s partnership with parents
  • partnership between A and B a partnership between the United States and Europe

Our Translation

Promise, what does that mean in the most basic business logic. That we will do what we promise, when we promised. A promise is a declaration, and we declare many things in the business relationship. We take the profits from those promises, and we reinvest it into customer defense disguised as customer service, instead of growing the customer relationship.

Now let’s really think about this. We are trained how to sell; we are not trained how to engage. Sales training does not teach how to engage and to effectively manage engagement. How powerful is engagement in the sales relationship? How do we teach this with everything else that we trying to manage and learn? How do we change from selling to managing engagement.

Partnership refers to the state of being a partner or an association of two or more people. So, why aren't we employing the same strategies we use to fulfill our promises of partnership to meet the Win-Win promise to our customers?

Team Members

Professional Staff Eager to Help Your Business

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Mackenzie Henry


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Robina Brah

Vice President

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Edward Henry

Director of Sales

Kevin Gentle

Kevin Gentle

Speical Project and Implimentation Manager

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Amelia Eric-Markovic

Software Developer

*These Definitions Are From https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/

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