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EHCOnomics Resource Hub. Member Access
  • 5 Rules & 5 Steps Engagement Plan
  • Partnership Engagement Plan
  • Revenue Industry Sitemaps for Managig Engagement
  • Adoption Plans
  • Reporting Recommendations
  • Performance Baseline Workflows & Managing Plans
  • Revenue Industry Sitemaps for Managig Engagement
  • Access to EHCOnomics Open-Source Library
  • Templates
    • Email scripts for Communication-based on customer situations specific to the customer relationship stage and common industry workflow. Pre/Post based content.
    • In-person meeting introduction, agendas, and presentation guidelines.
    • Customer Discovery:
      • Industry Discovery Framework
      • Best Practices Site Visits, Request for Scope, or Service
      • Customer Decision Criteria
      • EHCOnomics SWOT to determine possible alignment for feasibility (perfect for both project-based or Customer-based decisions)
    • Plan & Preparation Guidelines
Modified Learning Environment Specific to the recommendations of EHCOnomics Revenue Assessments:
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Sales Waste Assessment
  • Performance Assessment
  • SWOT Assessment
  • Onboarding of Workshop for the group virtually or in person on the modified learning environment of EHCOnomics to meet company workflow requirements and culture.
EHCOnomics CRM and Project Management Integration for PartnerPulse Engagement Intelligence & Performance-Based Learning
  • Automated Training Alerts
  • Change in ParterPulse Engagement Level
  • Missed Engagement
  • Training-is-Required Alerts
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